Simplify …. it will be key to escape the daily grind!

Simplify …. it will be key to escape the daily grind!

Ok… so most good things don’t come without a bit of sacrifice right?! Take myself for example, prior to leaving my job I was making a good salary and pretty much could go out to eat or buy stuff on-line without thinking twice about it.  Now that my goals have changed to escaping the daily grind and getting my life back,  I have to consider what is really important to me. Well here are some easy ways to save money and cut back without too much suffering 😉

  1. Restaurants – do NOT go to them.  I know, I know … I love going out to dinner too but you will have to cut back on this one ALOT.  Restaurants suck your money especially if you are drinking alcohol and getting dessert (I am guilty of both.) If you do go out try and hit happy hour or get a couple of apps and share an entree and do this for a special occasion not everyday.  In any case eating at home and cooking for yourself will not only save you money but you will learn something new and be more healthy. win, win win.
  2. Cable – get rid of it.  Use Netflix or Hulu – you really don’t need 500 channels .. do you?  If there is something (sporting event, movie, etc) that you absolutely have to watch go to a friends house.  Better yet – get rid of your TV (sell it) and watch on your phone or computer.
  3. Fitness memberships – two words. GO OUTSIDE.  Go for a walk, jog or if those aren’t option go on YouTube – there are dozens of free workouts on line.  Another option? Go to your local library and check-out a workout video.  Another option is doing a trade – many yoga studios look for people for ‘karma yoga’ in exchange for mopping the floors or watching the retail area you will get a free membership!
  4. Clothes shopping ? You know my answer right? Stop now!! Do you really need 10 pairs of shoes ?  I am a shoe addict myself so I must say that living in Hawaii has been good – everyone wears flip flops here (they call them slippers fyi).
  5. Technology? Do you really need the very latest IPhone?  I know it’s fun but really? No you don’t – my husband and I are currently sharing a phone which is working out fine – if not get a family plan with low data usage and try and use wi-fi at all times.
  6. Alcohol ? Ok I love my wine too but try and cut down and have some wine for a special occasion or limit it to one glass a day – your body will thank you too 🙂
  7. Set up a smarty pig (or other saving account) and do an auto-deduction every pay period (or monthly) so that you won’t even notice the money going out.  This is an awesome way to save!
  8. Try and trade instead of paying retail costs – depending what your skill set is you can try and trade with your hairstylist, tax accountant, massage therapist, etc – I used to trade massages for hair cuts but you can work this any way you want.
  9. Always ask yourself before you spend money – how far will this money get me while I am travelling or trying to change careers etc – then ask yourself – is it worth it?
  10. Have a garage sale, put stuff on craigslist or on ebay.  Start getting rid of all those possessions that you have been hoarding and really don’t need.  You will be surprised at how good it feels to simplify

Don’t punish yourself if you slip up – just keep practicing and saving and before you know it – your life has been simplified and you will have money in the bank to go and travel and be free.

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