Letting go of material possessions .. it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Letting go of material possessions .. it’s not as easy as it sounds.



So… it’s time I put my money where my mouth is… so to speak.  It seems that we can no longer wait for Kevin’s clearance as rent is just too high in Hawaii and our savings are trickling through our fingers.  So we are activating Plan B and going travelling.  Ok, sounds great right? Well yes it is but …

As per my previous posts I have spoken of saving money and for quite some time now I have been telling Kevin that we should just sell all of our stuff and a) go to tiny home living or b) be free and travel the world.  Ok that time has come … and as I started sifting through our belongings I realize how far I’ve come, how I’ve changed and really how much stuff I’ve managed to collect.  Keep in mind when I moved back to the States in 2004 I had 2 bags of stuff – my clothes in one bag and my diving gear in another – that’s it !! Since then I have amassed quite a bit of ‘stuff’ (and have helped the US economy quite a bit) and now it’s time to let it go.

It’s funny how we get attached to our things – items that you probably haven’t looked at in years but when you rediscover it you think – oh wow! maybe I should keep that (insert random item here) you never know when I might need a walnut cracker (LOL just an example but you know what I mean.)  So now comes the arduous task of going through all of our things, putting a price tag on them and trying to sell everything so that we don’t have to spend a bunch of money on storage.  I find myself looking nostalgically at my car (which I have had since 2004), my books, my furniture, etc – everything seems to have so many good memories.

How can I let go of my material possessions??  It’s funny how these possessions almost come to define who you are, your style, your hobbies, your taste.  Who will I be without all of these items?  Will I survive without all my gadgets, clothes, souvenirs – will I regret this?  All these questions are running through my head and I have barely begun.

It’s not as easy at it sounds nor as easy as others make it sound.  I know once it’s done (it will be like ripping a bandaid off really fast) I will feel relief and freedom but until that time I will continue to walk down memory lane as I slowly shed the material belongings of my recent life.

6 thoughts on “Letting go of material possessions .. it’s not as easy as it sounds.

  1. Yeah I totally agree, letting go of material possessions could be as hard as losing a pet. You’ve been with that thing for so long and after seeing it after such as long time it starts to trigger these memories and now you don’t want to get rid of it! An endless cycle.

    1. Exactly!! As much as I want to think that I wouldn’t have a problem with it – it is really quite hard! I will let you know how it all goes once I’ve let it all go!

  2. I am the world’s worst for hoarding. I have an inherent problem in that it absolutely kills me to get rid of anything. Go figure …

    1. Hi Tony, I know the feeling though I have to admit I am slightly better than my husband Kevin at throwing things away. I will move slowly and try and remember that the memories are in my heart and head and don’t have to be attached to any ‘things’. Thanks for visiting my site!

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