Desert Camp near Jaisalmer – A Night To Remember

Desert Camp near Jaisalmer – A Night To Remember

We have been pretty budget conscious since we started travelling so we were thrilled to be gifted a night of luxury in a desert camp by Kath (thanks sis!).  We were picked up by our jeep at 2pm from Jaisalmer and headed out to the Damodra Desert Camp.  On our way out our driver stopped to show us a natural spring where. in the days pre-running water, the ladies would come from miles around to fill their containers to bring back water to their homes.

The Thar Desert is the 17th largest desert in the world and the most populated one with 83 people per square kilometer, 85% of this desert is in India while the remaining 15% lies in Pakistan.  We were surprised to know that we were only 100km from Pakistan while staying in Jaisalmer and the large number military personnel in Jaisalmer showed us how tense the situation between the two countries still is.

Once we arrived, we were shown to our tent, and all I can say is AAHHHH.  It was glamping at its finest – we had a huge king sized bed with the softest sheets, the bathroom had custom made toiletries available and we were offered a delicious cup of chai to refresh before heading out to our camel safari.  All I could think is “well I could get used to this”! I must say it completely changes how you view India when you are living in the lap of luxury ….

We were driven out to the desert where our camels picked us up for a jaunt through the desert to watch the sunset over the sand dunes.  We were 2 people to a camel so Kevin and I were able to enjoy the ride together and enjoy the desert scenery .. and the silence.  It was the first time since we had arrived in India that there were no cars or rickshaws honking – it was pure bliss.

Once we arrived at the dunes we were able to try out a sand board and ‘sled’ down the hill.  I was the first to go and randomly hit a sand hill and got completely covered with sand – I was only happy I hadn’t been screaming down the hill or I would have eaten quite a bit of the Thar desert.  After that bit of adrenaline we wandered the sand dunes for a bit and watch the dung beetles wandering around … looking for dung I suppose when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, this guy arrives with a bag full of cold beer – what?! how random is that.  We did resist this tempting offer and stuck with the chai as it seemed more appropriate while relaxing in the dunes with our camels.  We watched an amazing sunset over the dunes before heading back out on our camels.

Once back at camp, we were greeted with marigold leis and drums.  After a refreshing shower in our amazing tent we headed out to social area of camp and were seated and the entertainment started.  We were able to enjoy traditional Rajasthani folk music and dancing plus a fire show (where a guy swallowed fire).  This was followed up by a traditional Kathputi {puppet) show – the puppeteer uses a variety of puppets (some were probably 2-3ft tall) to tell different folk stories.  I never thought I would laugh at a puppet show but it was hilarious.  This is a tradition said to go back over 1000 years and has helped keep the ancient folk traditions alive.

At the end of the entertainment the owner of the camp came up to everyone and said everyone should gather over on the side of the building – we were all wondering what might happen now…. and surprise! it was a birthday cake – for ME!  Unbelievable – they even set off  a couple of fireworks behind me.  How awesome is that?  So yea – it was a little weird to have cake before dinner but hey! who am I to complain!  I do love my sweets 🙂

After amazing appetizers and dinner, we were able to star gaze for a while under comfy blankets before retiring for the night (in our amazing bed)!  In the morning we got up to watch the sunrise over the desert while we watched a muster (yes this is the correct term – I looked it up) of peacocks go about their morning rituals and listened as the many different birds started their morning songs.  I admit that  we milked every moment and did not check out until exactly 11am (the latest check-out time) before heading back to Jaisalmer.

It was a night to remember, full of Rajasthani folk music, dancing, camel rides, comfort, great food and most importantly the incredible silence of the desert.



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