Adventures in Hong Kong

Adventures in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, literally translated as Fragrant Harbour, is an autonomous region of China.  With a total land area of 427 sq miles and a population of 7.3 million it ranks as the fourth most densely populated  sovereign territory after Macau, Monaco and Singapore.  It is an incredible juxtaposition of old and new with 100 + story sky scrapers shadowing over the local markets.

The Old and the New In Hong Kong

Contrary to some other poorer countries begging is a non-issue and we barely saw any homeless people.  The streets and subways are clean (ish) and we saw workers every morning hand washing off the garbage cans in the streets and sweeping up the sidewalks.

Everyone has probably heard about the amazing variety of delicious food available in Hong Kong from street noodles, to dim sum to exotic offerings that might incite fear in the less adventurous.

All in all (despite the smog) we found it to be an amazing city full of secret passages, culinary delights and beautiful green spaces to let your weary feet and lungs rest for a bit.